AELFE-LSPPC International Conference, Zaragoza

28-30thJUNE 2023



This joint international conference brings together the 21st annual conference of the European Association of Languages for Specific Purposes (AELFE2023) and the 7th Conference of the Asia-Pacific LSP & Professional Communication Association (LSPPC7). Both associations promote the use of languages for specific purposes and professional communication. The main goal of this joint conference is to create a meeting point for scholars (researchers and practitioners) and allow them to discuss and exchange their views on the conference theme with participants from different world regions and do so from multi- and inter-disciplinary perspectives.

Call for papers

In a networked era, we are witnessing rapidly changing, web-mediated communication practices involving a variety of communicative purposes, audiences, modes and media. Emerging trends in disciplinary knowledge communication such as the Open Science paradigm attest to this fact. Academic and professional communication today thus poses important theoretical, methodological and pedagogical challenges that need addressing. Some of the questions that we aim to address are: What is the role of LSP teaching and research in an increasingly interconnected world? What methods and frameworks are suitable to investigate multilingual and multimodal communication online? How can practitioners support emerging digital communication needs in the professions? How can they best prepare future graduates and professionals to disseminate their work in digital environments?, and how can LSP research and practice help them develop the necessary literacies (academic, plurilingual and digital literacies)?

Strands of research

We welcome submissions on all aspects of LSP communication in relation to the AELFE thematic panels, but contributions addressing the specific theme of the conference are particularly encouraged.

Specifically, we invite proposals in broader areas such as discourse and communication, genre analysis, genres and registers, genres and multimodality, translation studies, multilingualism, languaging and translanguaging, cross-cultural and intercultural discourses, academic literacy development, acquisition of professional competence in the workplace, digital literacies, technologies for education, quality assurance in LSP teaching/learning, pedagogies for professional development and LSP teacher professional development.

Other topics in LSP and Professional Communication are also welcome.